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Together against blood cancer - the Fondsdepot Bank unpacks the cotton swabs

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Blood cancer can affect anyone. In Germany alone, one person receives this diagnosis every 15 minutes. When the husband of an employee fell seriously ill and now urgently needed a stem cell donation, the Fondsdepot Bank also became active. On September 30, 2019, the company, in cooperation with the DKMS, launched a registration campaign at the Hof site for all employees and their families.

For a successful transplantation, the tissue characteristics of the patient and the donor must match almost perfectly, which makes the search for a suitable donor difficult. That is why every new registration with the DKMS means a chance of cure for all blood cancer patients worldwide.

The management of Fondsdepot Bank gave all employees the chance to be registered in the bone marrow donor file during their working hours. The costs incurred for the registrations were gladly assumed by the Fondsdepot Bank for all new potential donors.

Not only 70 employees followed the call, but also many relatives, who were also invited. "We are very pleased that participation in the typing campaign was so high. It is impressive how strong the cohesion is in our company," said Nicole Steudel, Corporate Responsibility Officer of Fondsdepot Bank, delightedly.

Fondsdepot Bank wishes all those affected, especially Mr. Hübschmann and his family, that their perfect donor will soon be found.

Are you also interested in registering with the DKMS? You can find further information under www.dkms.de.

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